Silk Mark Organizes Road shows in Chandigarh

An initiative by Central Silk Board, Ministry of Textiles, Government of India

Silk Mark Organizes Road shows in Chandigarh

Posted By admin | 10 July 2014

In the endeavour to popularize Silk Mark in Chandigarh, the Panchkula chapter organized road shows at all the prominent parks & markets of Panchkula. It was found most appropriate to spread the message of silk mark amongst the large number of city dwellers & tourists in the evenings of summer vacations. During the road show silk mark leaflets were distributed in all the prominent parks & markets of Panchkula, where a lot of city dwellers flock in large numbers in the evening time.

Some of the parks that were chosen for the activity are Yamnika Vatika in Sector 4, Tapari Park in Sect & Shivalik Park in Sector 5. Some of the markets that were selected for the activity were Sector-7,Sector -9,& Sector 11 for distribution of silk mark leaflets. Market of Sector -7, is a prominent market for household utilities, whereas markets of sector 11 have big showrooms of various national and international brands.

The activity turned out to be a great crowd puller and people in the park showed keen interest in the Silk Mark scheme. A mascot was engaged for the purpose of distributing leaflets.